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Helping you eat healthy...
for life!
Organic, Fresh, Seasonal, Local, and Plant-Based


Personal Chef and Meal Planning Services

I create plant-powered dishes inspired by fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients accented with worldly flavors.

Cooking Instruction, Education, and Mentoring

Whether you are starting from scratch or hoping to build on your current culinary knowledge, I help clients sharpen the culinary skills they need to support their health through delicious home-cooked meals.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Develop personal wellness goals and benefit from 24/7 support


For those of you longing to implement a sustainable plant-based diet into your life, Carley’s Kitchen is here to help! Our pre-packed food is fresh, delicious, loaded with nutrients, and conveniently located in your refrigerator just waiting to be enjoyed. Our services are designed to make maintaining a healthy diet easier and more realistic. By making healthy options available and convenient, eating well becomes a simple choice.

Carley’s Kitchen provides a variety of services that support you on your path to wellness and is based on the idea that healthy eating should be simple, convenient, and fun. Because food is only one piece of the puzzle, Carley’s Kitchen also supports the physical and social aspects of well-being through fitness, coaching, and community programs. Our company is working to cultivate a network of healthy individuals so that people who are committed to living a balanced lifestyle can journey toward wellness together.

Our services are designed to satisfy a variety of demographics. If you are on a tight budget, you can still benefit from our healthy cooking classes or learn to make your own cultured foods by inviting your friends. Our group pricing options make all of our services affordable for anyone, and reinforce the idea that together we are smarter, stronger, and more capable of effecting real and lasting change in our bodies and minds. We are so thrilled to invite you into our Kitchen Community, please enjoy as you eat, play, and heal!


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